About us

NH Musikk

Brass repairs, Accessories and Exclusive Supplier of B# Products in Scandinavia. 

My Name is Nick Hughes and the company was established in 2015 where I was a a freelance brass player and teacher.  I decided that i would use my 20 years plus of playing at an Elite level, and turn my hobby into a profession. My aim, through my business is to provide;

  • Top quality instrument repairs and servicing
  • Supply top quality accessories.
  • To educate new and old generation brass players on how to properly care and maintain their instruments.  

The start of NH Musikk

In 2015 I was fortunate to have the opportunity to move to Tysnes, Norway.  I found work in Tysnes Kulturskule as a peripatetic brass instructor.  I also started work as a freelance, and today I still instruct groups, conduct and play at weddings and funerals.  As a hobby, I always used to take care of my instrument, repair and improve it where I could.  I decided in 2016 that I would expand my company into the field of instrument repair and servicing, along with selling accessories for brass instruments.  From 2017, I Joined the National Association of Instrument Repairers (NAMIR).  After working on several instrument I noticed one thing in common....the build up of 'Gunk' in the instruments.  As a result I decided to raise awareness of the dangers of not properly cleaning you instruments and decided to team up with B# Brass cleaning products to spread the message.

My Playing Career

British Open 2012 With Beaumaris Band

21 years counting!

I started playing the cornet at age 6 after my grandfather showed me an old cornet he had. Little did I know that both myself and that very instrument would still be playing 20 years into the future! 

Soon after starting, I joined Beaumaris junior and Intermediate band. I shot  up the ranks and joined the Beaumaris Youth band aged 9.  Short spell with the youth band, I then Joined Seindorf LLanrug band in the summer of 2000.  I worked my way up the cornet section, leaving in 2003 from the Principal seat to play Repiano cornet with then Championship section band Beaumaris.  At this time, I was also offered a place and a member of the GCWM Gwynedd and Mon Brass band, Wind band and Symphonic band.  I also had the honour of representing my country with the National youth brass band of Wales  for five years which included the 25th Anniversary tour to Canada in 2007

In 2007 I was offered the Principal cornet seat of Beaumaris  Senior band after a shuffle of personnel.  At that point we made a decision to drop down to the 2nd division however we quickly qualified back into the championship section. Ultimately, we gained promotion to the British open in 2012, a 4th Place in the National Finals and a win at the International masters a year later.  At the masters I was fortunate to receive the "Best principal Cornet" award and also the 4BR award for Best instrumentalist.

Shortly after the Masters, I was offered a seat on the front row for the famous Fairey band.  There I spent two years of working with top class players and conductors with back to back success in the North west open and top 5 places in both the National finals and the British open.

Since moving to Norway, I play 2nd Solo Cornet for Tysnes Musikklag,  Principal Cornet for Sagvåg Musikklag and also work closely with Rosendal Musikklag.