Introduction to B# brass

B# brass range of cleaning products is truly Unique. Their products are the only dedicated cleaning products design for players, by players. NH Musikk shares the same values when it comes to customer satisfaction, reliability of product, value for money and most importantly safety.

As with many great ideas, the concept of having a dedicated cleaning kit for brass instruments was conceived by two friends down at their local pub. It was realised that such a product did not exist, thus the B# brand was formed. Initially, the kit was produced containing all you would need to service instruments at home. Which lead then to the range of natural valve oils and slide grease to compliment the kits. The products proved to be a hit in its early days and has now gained endorsements by several leading musicians including Mark Wilkinson, Principal Cornet of the world famous Fodens Brass band, Dr Brett Baker BSc. ARCM, PGCE and Steven Mead, international euphonium soloist.

The cleaning kit has been designed specifically to clean the instrument from the inside out, removing the unpleasant biofilm from your instrument pipework and clearing oils and greases leaving your instrument with a pleasant citrus scent and an easy next time clean anti-static coating. It removes biofilm from instruments and coat the insides with a protective layer to help reduce future build ups and to aid future cleaning. Biofilm can contain bacteria, and funghi which can cause very serious illnesses such as Hypersensitivity pneumonitis -a complex pulmonary disorder. By using this product, you are greatly reducing the risk of exposure to illness. Not only does this fantastic product clean your instrument thoroughly and efficiently, it also is 100% safe on instrument finishes and for the solder used in the production of brass instruments.

Finishing Polish- Made using natural Avocado oil this polish gives your instrument a fantastic shine and also an anti static coating to help prevent the build-up of dust and stains relating to handling the instrument.

b# Brush and Cloth Kit- Quality kit made in the UK by leading manufacturers, specially designed for b sharp. These brushes are all you need for cleaning wide variety of instruments- perfect for any family, band or group of players who share a single kit.

Valve oils:

b sharp have developed a range of oils and greases made from 100% natural oils with added food grade fruit flavourings to enhance your playing experience. Non petroleum, non synthetic lubricants for Valves, Rotary Valves and Tuning Slides. No more unpleasant oils only the taste of nature!

Play it safe:

Here is the answer:

b# Play it Safe is a revolutionary 100% NATURAL sanitiser that kills 99.9999% of bacteria in seconds. The sanitiser uses Hypochlorous Acid which is produced in the human body to fight bacteria and germs, provides its anti-bacterial properties. It is skin safe and can be safely used around the eyes,ears and mouth.

What makes it different?

. It can be used by children without adult supervision
. Alcohol, fragrances and harmful chemical free
. It does not dry out or irritate the skin
. It is gentle, powerful and extremely safe
. It is harmless if swallowed
. It has multiple uses at home, out and about and whilst travelling

Where to use it?

. Mouthpieces
. Instrument leadpipes
. Cases (stop your case smelling musty)
. Hands
. Any hard surface